The New Earth

• Releasing Your Ego - Indigos and Crystals Tuning

Dear Fratres,

An urgent change in our guidelines was necessary, since we already find ourselves on the verge of a great change that will occur globally, and a group tuning, of the members of the goodness, becomes imperative, in order to polarize the vibrational Earth level.

The multidimensional portals are open and a rare opportunity to open our chakras is granted.

Indigos, crystals and even developed native terraqueous are able to fell this special moment. The opening of our conduits, with kundalini release, will liberate the power of goodness; we will see the world through the eyes of the soul. Our physical body no longer will prevent the expression of the real "I Am", of our true self.

A myriad of extra-terrestrial friends are here to help us actively in the war being waged. The war for the fate of our beloved Earth.

A special part of the site will be filtered, to provide the necessary knowledge, despite the old pages are still available.

Lets put our whole being to support our Evolved Brothers.

Optimism and sincere rise wishes.