Conscendo Sodalitas

We are an anonymous group with a purpose to accelerate our spiritual development, using the most secure method, releasing our ego by strengthening the connection with our "Higher Self".

Conscendo and Sodalitas are words in Latin. Conscendo means rise, and Sodalitas means society. We chose Latin because it is a language with a great mantranic power.


• We are not Masters, nor look for Them

• We have no temples or meeting rooms in the physical level

• Our members, from the physical level or not, remain anonymous and are identified by pseudonyms, meeting only in the astral and mental levels

• We do not ask, nor do we accept donations of any kind

• We have studied constantly, persistently, tirelessly and deeply

• We have an open mind and a critical thinking developed

• We keep silence, but we never lie

• We intend to find the Noble Truths

• 'Only the goodness' is an instrument of development of Conscendo Sodalitas members

• Our concepts are subject to improvement