Conscendo Sodalitas

• Our Principles

• We are not Masters, nor look for Them

We know there are Masters, Beings of advanced moral evolution, but it is difficult for a "novice" to distinguish them.

The truth is that the fake teachers are many and there's only one way to avoid them: "do not have them." A fake teacher can cause a huge damage to the path of a well-intentioned person, diverting him along the "path".

We are ourselves masters. We use the unquestionable reliability of our Monad, our true spirit, our "higher self" which, despite still collective, is in contact with levels above-Nirvana, where there is neither time nor space and none of the degrading and harmful feelings of lower levels.

In time, with the lighting and the release of our "selves", the contacts with the true Higher Entities will occur naturally.