The New Earth

• Indigos and Crystals

There are different kinds of beings inhabiting our earth.

We have the native earthlings, who have made the most of their human stage of development right here on the planet. Few of them are in a sufficient stage to advance in the liberation of the ego, because they are still hypnotized by the material, forms and sensations. The release of the ego requires detachment from material things and concrete concepts, the domain of "I am" over the "express personality."

There is also a large number of individuals, here incarnated, from other levelts and star systems. These beings are mainly from Sirius, Orion, Alpha Centauri, the Pleiades and from the innner realms of the Earth itself. The majority is still unaware of its origin and its role in these changing times and needs to have awakened his gifts and his true "self", their free ego will overcome all evil influences that now prevails in our society.

They are called Indigos and Crystals. The Indigos have firstly incarnated, especially after the 60's, and 'dampened' the vibrational field for the arrival of the Crystals, higher evolution beings and more spiritually awake.

Both Indigos and Crystals are spirits that do not incarnate regularly, as most earthling people. While most individuals return to the physical level in a range from one hundred to five hundred years, they, the Indigos and Crystals, only reincarnate every two thousand to five thousand years.

Are present by the thousands in our society in order to help us to choose the right side, the side of goodness, at this critical stage of earth's history where the planet will become a member of the Galactic Federation of orbs, where the masks, that evil imposed to us, will be removed, which we will be free from the matrix that these evil gentlemen put us.

The truth about the plurality of inhabited levelts, most of these societies much more advanced than our own. Life in the universe is a rule rather than an exception.

It were opened certain doors that will allow the awakening of the faculties of those willing to do so. When this happens, the individual begins to see the world through the eyes of the spirit and not to the eyes of the flesh. He will be immune to all influences of evil, and the rays of her magnificent aura, will shine and sprinkle its beneficial effects everywhere they go.

Yourself, simply to be interested in this text, can probably be an Indigo or a Crystal. Anyway, just the interest in cooperate with the powerful phalanx of goodness, puts you in a privileged position.

In due course we will talk more about the Indigo and Crystal.

Optimism and sicere ascension wishes.