The New Earth

• The New Earth in the Age of Aquarius

The Conscendo fratres have to tune into the new era that is unfolding. A radical change, in vibrational and evolutionary terms, is already underway. The war for our beloved planet has begun. Two sides dispute frantically this beautiful place of evolution. At one side, the fans of the material, who enjoy their last few seconds in the exploration of their neighbors, in the perpetration of evil and in the satisfation of their desires. In the opposite, there are the supporters of the spirit, who stand firm, chanting their mantras of universal peace, or distributing his words of hope in the glorious future.

Aquarius is the age of Saint Germain, the Master of the violet ray, of ceremonial magic, and the phase in which the earth will be introduced to the outer community, where earth people will pass to live with brothers from other star systems. But nothing comes without sacrifice; because the mix of personalities who are here on earth orb, still need to engage in a divisive struggle, due those who want to progress are being greatly hampered by those who are settled in the material and inevitably make all to keep your 'status quo'. Therefore, before the new world, tragedies will happen.

The side of evil, the fans of the material and delay, are easily identifiable in the figure of the warmongering rulers, corrupt and genocidal politicians, destructive nature industry, components of secret groups, who goal selfishly control the Earth, through mass murder, and so on. Besides these, here are also present various extra-terrestrial evil civilizations; I'm talking about some reptilians, greys, and even humans.

The goodness also prepared for the struggle, through the birth of a myriad of beings of higher evolution, primarily not belonging to the evolution on earth chain, origined from other star systems, the Indigo beings and Crystals beings. They are individuals who only reincarnate every two to five thousand years and who are here to help us mentally and physically.

In addition to these Indigos and Crystals, are also infiltrated in the earthl populationy beings who are not even native. They are individuals who left their intra-worldly communities Telos, Poles and others, or coming from other star systems, which also are here, disguised, to positively affect the evolution of our orb.

The fratres of Conscendo, many of us, Indigos and Crystals, we have to tune into our brothers, through meditation or through music they are bringing us. Doing that, we can awaken our higher chakras, in time for the final battle . At the same moment, is being splashed all over the planet Earth, a very powerful vibrational wave, from the Logos, which will accelerate this process of awakening; the time is come.

With the awakened chakras, we will perceive the world with the vision of the spirit and not with the physical, more actively and powerfully vibrating, creating an energy capable of dissipating all the evil that surrounds us. We will offer our soul, our flesh and blood so that our dear home, the Earth, becomes a placid place where we are all sincere, without suspicion, corruption and unfair competition.

The future is still unpredictable, but either way, it will be separate the chaff from the wheat. The Land will own by them or by us. If evil stay here, the spiritualized people will be transferred to other worlds, of higher evolution. If the goodness settle here permanently, individuals attuned to the evil will be transferred to other systems, where they will be subjugated for most hazardous and intelligent beings, and they will suffer immensely.

The Indigos and Crystals of various clans, are now uniting in one voice identifying themselves, with his mantras and their music. By the way, music is one of the best ways of tuning and a powerful mantranic tool for awakening the chakras.

For those who want to tune into these communities of goodness, which are helping us, choose some of the links at the bottom of the page and listen to their music.

Optimism and sincere rise wishes.


  • Austra - Beat and the Pulse

  • Hercules & Love Affair - Painted Eyes

  • Young Galaxy - Blown Minded

  • Gorillaz - Stylo

  • Hot Chip - One Life Stand

  • Bjork - All Is Full Of Love

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