The New Earth

• Leaving the Matrix

Our humanity lives in a false reality, similar to the fiction film 'The Matrix' and even not realize it.

The majority of our current rulers serves only to his own materials purposes and only moves towards the satisfaction of his personal desires. They consider the people a bunch of apathetic and servile slaves, ignorant and disposable beings.

These lords of evil hold the economic power of the planet and control the population by various means, including concealing the truth about his origins, history of the race and details about the universe. Despite hating the people, they need them to be served what they need.

To exercise their control they use a false media content, stupid and futile, that instills fear, false values, hidding the truth about existence. They mock the existence of life beyond Earth and ridicule those who dare to venture into these digressions, preach materialism, claiming a snob who thinks too much. They also have cruelest means to rule over the masses, using the emission of electromagnetic rays that disrupt the critical mind, blocking the free exercise of opinion.

To exit this matrix, created by those who govern us, several issues have to be clarified. Do not think that what is said here is a work of a delirious personality, it is the truth and the facts and organizations mentioned are amply documented in the Internet.

First, our so-called leaders do not exercise their power to the fullest, because they are situated at the base of a very high power pyramid and obey secret identity superior beings. Our leaders follow the orders of various evil secret societies, holders of all economic power on earth. By the way, the economy is shaped in the current form purposely, since the monetary dependence enslave forever the population. the secret societies of the top of the pyramid are formed by the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Club of Rome, by Chatham House, the Bilderbergers, the Club of 300 and the more powerful, the Illuminati.

These secret societies and their superiors came to the conclusion that the earth is overpopulated, with depleted resources, and level to eliminate 80 percent of its population through the multiform mass murder, giving rise, after the killing, in a system of totalitarian and hereditary elite government, governed by rules and systems called 'New World Order'.

Even the Illuminati are not the owners of the destiny of our humanity. Even these powerful mega trillionaires obey more bestial beings, non-terrestrial citizens, which they have signed technology cooperation agreements, mainly in the war. These groups of beings are composed mainly by the greys, insectoid humanoid in appearance, mainly from the star system of Zeta Reticuli, by intra-land reptilian beings, natives here on Earth, living underground in caves who proclaimed themselves the true owners of the planet and, at the top, those who truly wield power, the giants extra-terrestrial reptilians from Alpha Draconis system, and from Nibiru.

Life in the universe is the usual rather than the exception. These criminals know that and repeatedly deny the truth, conditioning us to think that this one billionth of a grain of sand, that is Earth, is the sole owner of life in the universe. There are countless civilizations beyond Earth, many of them more technologically advanced than ours. Technological evolution does not walk besides the moral evolution, and there are many extra-terrestrial people who, despite the unthinkable technological advances, are malignant and do not hesitate to eliminate or dominate others.

Here on Earth, as already stated, some of these evil civilizations have infiltrated dominating the ruling elite, which now is nothing but a puppet for their services.

The kind extra-terrestrial communities are also found here, to battle for technological and spiritual advancement of civilization on earth. They are present both in their own bodies, or acting covertly in earthly bodies, reincarnated in the figures of the indigo and crystals. They are beings from Sirius, Orion, Alpha Centauri, Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus and other systems connected to goodness and light.

Religions also has its fair share of participation in earthly population idiotization, especially the westerners, who do not even admit the plurality of lives during the spiritual evolutionary journey, promising a paradise after a life full of imperfections. Not even the most evolved beings incarnated on earth can judge himself perfect, because Jacob's ladder is infinite. At this point, rather than clarify, religions serve as a control instrument of the masses, instilling fear of the afterlife and promising what they can not, for those who follow the rules of our enslaving and unfair society.

Lets study, get informed, use reason, use intuition, release youselves from this unhealthy conditioning, from this malignant matrix.

The Conscendo site contains much more detailed information about these topics.

Optimism and sincere rise wishes.