The New Earth

• Tuning

We are living a special moment in our beloved Earth.

A massive amount of Indigos and Crystals births are helping greatly to improve the vibrational level of the planet.

If you, frater, are interested in the subject above, you are certainly part of one of these two groups (Indigos or Crystals).

Indigos and Crystals are individuals coming from the fifth dimension, more spiritually and intuitively developed, but they are not angels, are also in the human evolutionary line. Therefore, they need appropriate environment and knowledge to fully activate their powers.

They must learn to vibrate in unison with each other, fell the global presence of their fellows, eliminating any depression that may have been caused by the primitive environment, spreading beneficial energies throughout the earthly environment. Once they capture the vibrational emanations of their peers, the melancholy disappears and they fell, therefore, strengthened to perform the tasks they were designed. It never involves the loss of individuality, the joint vibration only serves to pontentialize these good energies.

This attitude is called tuning and produces a powerful energy of pure unselfish love, able to sanitize any detrimental environment, to involve the friends in a close embrace of harmony and hope, able to win any war against the materialistic forces.

Of course, conversely, the material adepts, by all means, try to prevent that from happening. With their media and secret weapons even more cruel, they seeking to block any kind of tuning.

For tuning occur it is necessary, first, that the Indigo or Crystal directs his focal point to his causal body, in detriment of the concrete mental mind. It is necessary to be more abstract, rather than thinking too much in the details. It is necessary to feel the 'I am' instead the 'express personality'. Let the Ego, the "I am", to manifest, overriding the old 'expressed personality'. In fact, what occurs is a gradual chakral awakening with the activation of the latent powers of these beings.

There are several ways to reach this stage of tune, the song is one of the most effective, meditation is another. Other faster modes for this release are also used for tuning, but we must not quote them here, because of the risk involved.

The appropriate music is one that abstracts. That is why the instrumental music is universal, since the absence of lyrics, elevates the individual in the abstract, without letting the concrete details of spoken language hinder this abstraction. In this context, we advise you to hear classical music.

Other songs, also suitable for tuning, especially for the younger frater, are those belonging to the group called Indie Acoustic or Electronic. Are composed and performed by musical groups consisting of Indigos and Crystals, with no lyrics, or with positive and uplifting lyrics. To hear some titles of this kind of music, go to the site: Releasing Your Soul - Indigos and Crystals Tuning.

Meditation is a way a bit slower, but effective. The persistence in meditation daily, with or without a mantra, also leads to the liberating effect.

Optimism and sincere rise wishes.