The New Earth

• The Fifth Dimension

Most of us come from the fifth dimension, and shrinks conscientiously to the third dimension for several reasons. One reason is not to have fully released from their restrictors concepts, which will encage themselves in a world of their own, when they return to their root level, the mental level or the fifth dimension.

Some of us are already fully awake in the fifth dimension, but return in certains periods, almost invariably long, from two to five thousand years, to help those who are dear to us and still could not get this consciousness improvement.

The difficulty of staying sober in the fifth dimension stays is the fact that it is an extremely changeable world, where all the matter changes with the least effort of thought, and where the concepts of time and space are vastly different.

Who does not knows what awaits him in this so cunning level, inevitably will fall into a trap, in which he will isolate himself in his own world of fantasies where, despite feeling extremely happy, his pseudo-reality will be nothing more than an illusion of the senses.

Thus, the one who has extreme Christian fervor, but ignores the reality of the fifth dimension, can imagine himself as a close friend of Jesus Christ in a world created by himself, due his conceptual limitations.

The fifth dimension is a level where what you think, happens, where you can create a mental universe, where you become a creator God of infinite virtual worlds, but also where you can stay locked up in these own illusions, without having effective contact with the egos of he really loves.

Not even a loved one, with a free mental conscience, could not awake the person trapped in this dream cell, as every attempt will be frustrated by the unbelief and by the fixation on false concepts.

On the other hand, the ones who have mastery consciousness on this level, will be able to deliberately and consciously create their own world and addresses of unimaginable beauty, getting the real presence of their also awake loved ones, and also visiting the beautiful mental city of Angels and Devas, contacting these Divine Beings, absorbing incalculable knowledge.

To faith, add action, and to action, add knowledge.

Optimism and sincere rise wishes.