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Club Bilderberg - Intro

While the enemy is strengthing, we scare the people telling him cooperation is necessary because without bilateral agreements, the enemy will attack.

The Club Bilderberg, or simply The Bilderbergers are an elite group formed by the economic, political, media and business globally elite, which meets once a year, which began in 1954, when the first meeting was held at the Bilderberg Hotel, in Oosterbeek, Holland.

Initially, the group was founded with the aim of combating anti-Americanism, which throbbed in Europe after the war, through meetings between U.S. officials and members of the governments of European countries. Over time this proposal has changed radically.

Today, the club is formed by a committee of permanent members, with no more than 100 individuals, constituted by the cream of the economy (Ben Bernanke and George Soros are examples), politics (Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld are examples), media (owners of the networks CNN and ABC are examples) and business (Peter Sutherland, chairman of Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum, and Giovanni Agnelli, the late President of the worldwide Fiat Group, are examples). Their meetings continue to happen annually, published by local media. These meetings occur in an atmosphere of extreme secrecy, with an ostensible security scheme, which try to keep the public away.

After these secret meetings, the members are expressly forbidden to divulge anything about them, which is respected by the owners of television networks and major newspapers in the world, who regularly attend the event.