Conscendo planet

• Government

It might seem contradictory, but the government model adopted on the future Earth is an honest socialism.

We have continually criticized the 'New World Order', the neo-communist faction brought by the Illuminati and cronies. In fact, socialism is a double-edged sword; today, it is not feasible, because the command would be delivered into the hands of the privileged bankers, industrialists and members of royalty. They are beings of negative developments, murderers who are capable of anything to maintain and expand their power. The total command, in the hands of these individuals, would be a catastrophe, a totalitarian communism, a fascist, oppressive and vampire dictatorship.

The government of the future Earth is all formed by evolved Ascended Masters. Masters of goodness and justice, to translate the will of the Logos. Their real homes are located at the higher levels, inaccessible to most men, but They came, willingly, to the third dimension for help us; They just do not do it today, because the evil forces, that dominate here, do not allow it. There would no tuning with Their intentions, and everything would be in vain.

The members of the future worldly government have no privileges, on the contrary, They are the perfect example of humility and selflessness, waiving any unnecessary material amenity. They are stoics as Diogenes of ancient Greece.

Their decisions are totally unselfish, aiming accelerating the evolution of all.

Below the Major Rulers, there are also regional governances with members from the common people. But, instead of privileges, what awaits them is a lot of work. While occupying these positions, they do not change their address, or lifestyle. They hold the public life due pure feeling and altruistic purposes, with a sincere desire to serve the people of their region, speeding their spiritual ascent. The rotation is required in these positions and the new regional government members are chosen the old way, by direct public election.