Conscendo planet

• Society

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

The interpersonal relationships of the future Earth society are very friendly. Without the interference of negative evolution beings, which held the power on the planet in the past, and were transferred to orbs in tune with their vibrational level, and with the change in the economy, which was based on money, we have eliminated the competition, the distrust and also the consequent stress.

Since there is no more divisions into racial, hereditary or money castes, people can devote more time to his spiritual and intellectual evolution, always trying to help others and the community. The nagging and mutual distrust, which were moved by the no purpose frantic competition, were abandoned. Here reigns a benevolent climate of unselfish love to your neighbor. No one hurts purposely another one, because here there is no place to the evil. If a mistake is made, it is immediately forgiven.

The family is the base of this evolved society and its links are progressively increased, narrowed by the mutual admiration and by the desire to make it more numerous, not by wild procreation, but by the expansion of ties with other family groups. Relationships between family members are also different, as they seem more a group of loyal friends, to exchange experiences, where the comunication barrier, between descending and ascending, does not exist.

The birth of a new individual is entirely levelned, not only physically, but also in the astral and higher levels, because it prevents overpopulation, overuse of the planet's resources and also the lack of attendance that many were exposed in the past because of the uncontrolled conceptional and consequent family inadequacy to take care of the excessive amount of components.

The habitations belong to everyone, because there is no private property, and are spacious, clean, well designed, equipped with the latest technological devices and equal in its dimensions. Of course there are houses by the sea, with beautiful views, splendid others in mountainous regions and some others in the urban suburbs with not so pleasant landscapes, but the disadvantage is offset by the option that individuals have to change their work activities and home, as they please, in a round-robin scheme, subject to certain rules.

Unlimited longevity, provided bye the medicine, genetic manipulation and adequate nutrition produced stable family units for centuries and even millennia, where no one grows old, and which it is not possible to physically differ the parents from their children.