Conscendo planet

• Religion

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

Religions on future Earth are manifold, but they all accept the plurality of lives and births. Reincarnation is universally admitted and its veracity is no longer doubted by every current doctrine. The entire population has obtained evidence of the several lifetimes reality, as they could prove themselves, by astral free memory, or with modern communication devices, which allow the free exchange of information between the physical and astral levels.

The law of Karma, or action and reaction, is known to all, and taken into account, directing all acts of everyday life.

The wars and any evil which, in the past, certain individuals executed to each other, in the name of religion, became only history, remembered in schools, sadly portraying the insanity of past bigotry.

As the economy is no more based on money, contributions to the temples are made strictly in the form of direct personal cooperation, with manual or intellectual help.

The difference between religions dropped dramatically and lies just in the evolutionary methods that each claims; some advocates evolution with a focus on action, on the pragmatism of charity, others promote the progress based on intellective development where, by the depth religious knowledge and by magical and mystical practices, the beings notice the great disadvantage proceeding adversely universal ascensional current and others that disclose the best method of evolution is the development of faith and unconditional devotional feeling to the Logoic Beings.

There is no kind of incompatibility and intolerance between them and is very common people attend more than one religion simultaneously, or even permanently change their doctrine. No matter, all lead to goodness and continual spiritual development of the individual.