Conscendo planet

• Economy

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

For millennia, the capitalist economy, based on the currency, has deteriorated the relationship between the earthlings. This economic culture relentlessly encouraged unscrupulous competition, the inordinate desire for wealth and power, the distrust, the contempt for the disadvantaged, the stress and the disease, caused by financial insecurity of helplessness; it has perpetuated crises around the world, responsible for misery, starvation, mass killings and senseless fratricidal wars.

In olden times, this model, put power in the hands of the cruel and dishonest, rather than focus on the kind and upright. Decorated the rich just because of their monetary condition rather than their worth. Devastated the planet, which had nearly exhausted its resources, because of unscrupulous traders and industrialists.

But now everything has changed. Everything belongs to all, money does not exist and the population has an equal life. The socialist utopia of the past became possible due to a simple thing: the elimination of corruption, the root of all past failures. Why steal the purse, if everything is free and provided in equal and fair share for everyone?

The top leaders are Ascended Masters, super evolved Beings, accustomed only to the things of the spirit.

The honest routine, that lasts for centuries, completely eliminated any evil temptation to inhabitants of the future.

All people work, respecting individual differences, but the reward is divided among all. The government is responsible for distributing the wealth produced, and does so extremely effectively.

People are happy, not because they were subjected to brainwashing, but simply because they are satisfied with a system that works and does not commit injustices.

Now we know who it belonged to 'the all-seeing eye', located at the top of the pyramid, a symbol of the defunct Illuminati, which illustrated the old dollar bill.