Conscendo planet

• Education

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

Education in future Earth, unlike the past Earth, which was based on memorization of endless books, is not boring. Classes earn another dimension, because the fast transport allows students to be present in the object of study in a short time. For instance, when studying certain aspects of the solar system, or peculiarities of friends levelts, are organized tours, which are used long-range ships, that travel to the target to research and learning on the spot, which makes the class enjoyable, fixing details much more effectivly.

There are also complementary methods of teaching, also different from used on past Earth, where the content attachment is made using hypnotic tactics, as well as the employment of virtual reality for practical trainings.

Even with the increased speed of learning, all the population study pleasantly for long periods. The choice of the profession is made after a comprehensive vocational testing. With unlimited longevity, mostly individuals specialize in various professions, allowing them to exchange activity, on a regular basis, if they wish.

Some choose to study for centuries, becoming a brilliant individuals, almost all-knowing, and only then start working activity. The ability, and also the individual options of each one are respected, not creating any kind of stigma for those who learn slowly than others.

As the workload of daily work is only three to four hours, nothing prevents the individual to work and study at the same time.