Conscendo planet

• Work

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

In the future Earth 'work dignifies'. Here work means selflessness.

All work activity aims to facilitate and accelerate the spiritual evolution of everybody.

Here we do not live to work but we work to live better. Living better means to perform more intellectual and spiritual tasks, to the detriment of the manual ones. To understand the thinking of the happy inhabitants of this world, they conceive that the universe is mental. Everything we perceive in any existential levels is the product of mental strength. Even on the crudest physical level, every human creation is first conceived and then implemented. Thus, the impulse is directed to the creation of new devices, or to refining existing ones. Our people have such creative ideas and their achievement is in charge of machinery or semi-intelligent robots.

This way, we gain precious time in developing new technologies, as every manual task, as the food production and other subsistence products is strictly attributed to the automata created by us.

Even when we think building a new housing estate, it is first conceived by earthlings engineers and their levels, with the smallest detail, are stored in a small crystal of high storage capacity (the successor of the memory chip from the past) . This crystal is placed in a command center which activates a number of robots that take care of transportation of raw material (provided previously by another series of robots) and that address, without human assistance, using special ships for the specific place where will take place the construction phase itself.

Mining, agriculture and the entire production chain of consumer goods are, therefore, responsibility of these manifold automata. The human participation is not relieved of all these processes, since certain production lines exclusively depend on our fumes, citing as an example, the levelts, which will serve us for food, must be positively energized by the 'mental farmers' so that grow up healthy and act beneficially in the consumers.

Nevertheless, the majority of the population practices agriculture and home crafts in their homes, to keep contact with the pure brothers of the vegetable kingdom, and also to exercise simplicity.

In the diversity of our evolved people, there are alternative communities, where everything is done manually by its inhabitants, from agriculture, till the basic items. They dispense most of the material amenities, created by our advanced technology. They are the stoics, who follow the evolutionary line of simplicity, like St. Francis of Assisi.

The work here is not slavish as in the past. Our way of life allows us to spend only three to four hours to the work, and the rest of the time could be spent on additional studies, religion, music, meditation and leisure.