Conscendo planet

• Medicine

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

With the correct guidance of the fruits of production, just ended the reasons that generated the dispersion of the efforts of mankind. Wars and petty and personal interests of the past leaders, sucked all the product of human labor.

The medicine was a science streamlined and optimized with the injection of our resources. Instead of researching for new weapons, bombs and methods of destruction and generation of unhappiness, we began to researching health, healing and prolonging life methods, the increase of our people happiness.

In the past, diagnostic and surgery machines that arose, were evaluated at exorbitant prices, impractical, because the industry gave them a very high difficulty of manufacturing. Nothing is difficult or costly to produce, however complex it is, with just a determined will, everything becomes possible, it was simply an illusion, caused by a economy sustained by the money, which aroused the worse in ourselves, the greed. Today too many diagnostic and healing machines are produced, without any difficulty and effort and no cost to our people.

Research and knowledge exchanges with sister civilizations of our galaxy, have made our medicine reached unimaginable levels of evolution. The genetic medicine was responsible for ridding us of any pathological deviation of our DNA code, but also allowed us to produce organs, limbs and substitutive body parts for the treatment of injuries caused by accidents.

The mechanical and micro-mechanics, robotics and computer combined, also allowed us to manufacture precision parts, never conceived before. Intelligent robots can even perform complex procedures without any human assistance.

The change of our eating habits was a major supporting in the overall improvement of our health because we got rid of the exogenous components that were very harmful. With the total abandonment of the carnivorous diet, loaded with toxins, the people got rid of many degenerative diseases, atherosclerosis, senile dementia, and even senility. Many diseases from the past had genetic components associated with, but as already mentioned, our modern genetic medicine took care to fix it.

Our health system is abundant, redundant, public and free.

It may sounds as an impossible absurdity, to the inhabitants of the past earth, but human life was, initially, extended for several hundred years, and now for several millennia.