Conscendo planet

• Nutrition

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

A carnivorous diet is doubly reprehensible. First, because foods of this class are produced with the use of cruel means. We must bear in mind that our little brothers of nature, the animals, are not here for human enjoyment. It has feelings and emotions, like us, and cruelty to them generates karma. Create them, to then kill them coldly, is an unnatural act and, therefore, unethical, morally speaking.

Secondly, the animal meat is not a suitable food for man. It contains numerous toxins that will methodically poisoning the human body, throughout his life, reducing life expectancy and killing him early.

In addition to the physical toxins, the meat is etherically soaked with animals feelings, from our smaller brothers that, at the present stage of human evolution, we should avoid. Especially during his death, the anxiety generated by the traumatic slaughter, pervades the whole body of the animal with dread feelings, which moves to the human psyche, disrupting their daily business.

The diet of the future Earth is exclusively vegetarian. Our brothers from the vegetable kingdom have not yet the complexity of animals feelings and do not transfer to us any negative charge. Nevertheless, any method of planet extraction is ritualistic, in an atmosphere of respect, avoiding any trauma to the dear little levelts, which we are so grateful.

Only by adopting a vegetarian diet, the human being from the past would have increased their survival by 50%, preventing many degenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, among many others.

Adding to the correct diet, a touch of genetic manipulation, and the almost total absence of stress, your life expectancy will be like our own.