Conscendo planet

• Energy

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

The energy needed for the future inhabitants of the earth is clean, efficient, and infinite.

We use the energy of the atom. Contrary to what were believed to past mankind, the energy of the atom is safe and clean. What happened in the old days, was a made prejudice against this type of energy, caused by the narrow interests of the rulers of the past, which led the population to a deliberate misinformation, about various topics that involved their welfare.

We do not use more the inefficient energy from fuels, that releases a huge amount of pollutants in the atmosphere. Even in the past, this type of energy was dispensable, and its dependence was not generated by a technological limitation, because the scientists already knew many other ways to produce energy, much cleaner and more efficient, what happens is that our past leaders had vested interests, in an environment of unimaginable corruption, and sought only to maintain the status quo, even if that meant polluting the planet and the death, through misery, of millions of individuals.

The energy of the atom is very secure, we just need to adopted strict measures of protection. By the way, the accidents with this type of energy, in the past, had more to do with a so extreme negligence, that awakens suspicion.

Our energy production tech produces no toxic leftovers, since the radioactivity of the waste is neutralized by a process of stabilization of the atomic nucleus.

When we need a lot of energy and there is little space, we also use the almost infinite power of antimatter.