Conscendo planet

• Transportation

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

The population transportation is mainly done by extremely fast underground trains that lead us to a considerable distance in a short period of time.

Nor our families, nor even our leaders, have a private transportation. When, for example, it is necessary to use a transportation vehicle for the family on a vacation where the destination is not supplied by public transportation, it is requested a ship, which will be readily available, in the desired date.

In the outer suburbs, there are auxiliary secondary lines, leading the inhabitants to larger centers, where trains, also more heavily, will take them to their final destinations. Our trains levitates swiftly over the magnetic tracks at incredible speeds, even superior to the supersonic aircraft of the past.

Air transport is accomplished by various kinds of ships, as diverse in their shapes and sizes, it would be difficult to describe them here. We can say that for mineral, agricultural and industrial transporting, we have ships that can reach up to several kilometers. They are ships that can move both in the Earth's atmosphere and in outer space, although there are specific types for each of the trips listed. There are also different ships which are capable of interstellar journeys and they are supplied by antimatter energy, using simple devices which produces warps.