Conscendo planet

• Cities

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

The inhabitants of the past earth could think about our cities with a futuristic cliché, as commonly portrayed in his time, in books and fiction movies, with a strange design towering buildings, and with a congested airships transit.

What was hidden for a long time from our ancestors, was the fact that there are many empty spaces beneath the surface of most levelts. These immense spaces, are protected by several kilometers layers of rock thick, which give security to these underground environments from the aggressive elements of the surface. What nature does not offer, in terms of space or wholesome atmosphere, is achieved through the use of our advanced devices. Although the climate is controlled by our technology, there are extreme situations, that the universe offers us, in which an underground evacuation is desirable.

Therefore, most of our cities and support facilities are located beneath the surface, and has the capacity to house all the planetary population. They were well built, in order to protect us from the radioactive emissions or other extreme events in the galaxy, or even to be safeguarded from hostile civilizations, in any unpleasant event.

We, inhabitants of the future earth, striving for simplicity. Cities in the surface are equipped with modern technological facilities, worthy of fiction, but the buildings are low, harmonious and live side by side with the company of huge woods and gardens.

They are silent metropolises, where most transport is done underground. Our magnetic trains, by the way, are capable of intercontinental travels at speeds several times higher than sound. The surface is designed almost exclusively for pedestrians. The few ships that occasionally cross the skies, try also to respect that stillness. There are some devices, scattered through our cities, which has the ability to nullify the unpleasant noises. We only hear in bold, the sounds of nature, the wind and the sing of the happy birds.

We control the climate through our technology. Here there are no earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunamis, hurricanes, or any kind of aggressive weather phenomenon. If the man of the past had directed their efforts towards peace and not war, the earth would already be what it is today for millennia.

Here there is no overcrowding. The inhabitants are distributed in an equitable manner across the globe. This distribution is guided by the preferences and by the individual talents.