Conscendo planet

• Fauna

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

The hominal and animal evolution are closely linked. The first has a large interference in the second.

Thus, primitive man only appeared after the extinction of the dinosaurs, while the emotional man had to live with animals of lesser size and ferocity, but even so they were composed of dangerous carnivorous and infected insects. The rational man of the future Earth live with more peaceful animals. The main terrestrial and aquatic beasts of old days, died out naturally, especially after the cataclysmic events involving the population on earth in the beginning of the third millennium of our calendar.

We truly love and respect animals. We know they are our younger brothers and soon they will enter the human evolutionary line. We live peacefully with every animal and try to give them a suitable environment, to encourage them to individualize, preserving forests, which make up more than 90% of the space in the intertropical areas. Contact with humans is essential in this process. When the animal becomes man, singling himself, his causal body is transferred to another sphere, consistent with its evolutionary stage of primitive man, and will be under our custody and guardianship.

Sometimes we intervene in their population, to stop certain outbreaks, or to contain rampant population advances. The problem is always solved with contraception means, never with the extermination.