Conscendo planet

• Alliances

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

The three-dimensional level, also namely physical, is the place where the opposing universal forces are expressed in its most extreme. Where the clash between the polarities occurs more intensely.

The inhabitants of the earth, here in the future, are addicted to the goodness, happiness and harmony. But the radical unipolarization is not desired, because the duality, that forms the basis of the expression of our universe, is compromised. How much higher is a polarization of a being, much closer he approaches to the non-expression. The light can not be anything without darkness, so the two are equally important. So it is goodness and all other attributes that are not 'nothing' without their opposites.

Our earth civilization is kind and selfless, but requires contact with the action, with the components of the opposition, as a mean to achieve an existential sense, otherwise the evolutionary stagnation ensues. A world full of exalted and goodness beings is nothing if it remains isolated in its closed unipolarized universe.

But how to avoid this radical unipolarization? How to be extremely kind, unselfish, peaceful and stoic, without approaching the unexpression, the stagnation?

The answer to these questions resumes in conciliation, which lead to two noblest feelings, identifying the existential reason: the compassion and love.

The third dimension, in which many residents are earthlings, even here in the future, are crowded of many and many civilizations, technologically more advanced than us, with an aggressive, materialistic, territorial and expansionist nature, which do not hesitate to destroy us . This have not happened yet, due two earthlings attitudes: the development of sophisticated defense apparatus, and especially the firmed alliances with all similar evolutionary line civilizations.

We never had to use these war devices, since the possible perpetrators fear the consequences but, if necessary, we will defend ourselves and we will help our friends to defend themselves. Contain, if we could, any aggression of the old galaxy material supporters, against the younger civilizations, which still has much to learn and offer to our Cosmos.

Many orbs, populated by younger cultures, are at the mercy of the influence of these material beings adepts. To protect them, we have a government department, created especially to send our citizens to these worlds, in order to influence them positively, rather than the evil does.

Our individuals are anonymously sent to infiltrate the governments and media of these levelts, respecting their free will, teaching them the good manners, who gave us so much happiness, here on Earth. When the materialistic civilizations get there, it will be difficult for them to be able to influence a population without vices, that has indoctrinated to the positive line.

We do this by exercising compassion and love, since we have already been victims of such influences in the past, and do not want this same situation happens to anyone. We bring these populations of younger siblings to the winning side that is undoubtedly the goodness. We dissipate any doubt about it; teach them that it is better to embrace and be embraced than punching and being punched too, it is better to help and be helped than just observe and ignore the needy, it is better the confidence, friendship, sincerity, peace and security, which are substantives strictly linked to the goodness.

All of our compatriots are listed for this task, what temporarily exile us from the happy earth and makes us diving into pools of unhealthy and degrading attributes.

Thus, we continue to advance in the path, without submitting to the isolation, avoiding excessive unipolarization and selfishness, as well the complacency and stagnation.