New World Order

• New World Order (another approach)

In a Conscendo meeting, in a high-dimensional level, a Being of great spiritual stature was present and has expressed Himself about the New World Order, the level that the elite insists to imlevelt on earth. He told us:

"The actual earth is ill, eroded by a virus that is destroying their regenerative capacity. We have reached a critical point, where the sick planet, is shown itself in its terminal stage and may even die. The virus I am refering is the man.

The humanity of the surface treated to breed without limitations, without respect for environmental limits, spending wildly resources of the globe he inhabits, polluting it with toxic perennial non-degradable compounds, making the air unhealthy, with harmful emissions of all kinds , with its poorly designed nuclear power levelts, with their machines and its toxic gas emissions, etc.

Hence the repeated calls, nothing was done to stop this deadly cycle. An intervention was inevitable to avoid the loss of this rich and rare planetary environment, invaluable evolutionary stage.

This scenario had been predicted many times, but nothing was done. Prophecies are not infallible, however, serve as a warning instrument to avoid situations like the present. But the man did nothing and stubbornly goes to the cliff.

It is time to save the beloved earth, overpopulation will no longer be accepted, fratricidal wars are no longer allowed, pollution and disregard to the environment ditto.

Separating the wheat from the chaff has become inevitable. A new society will emerge from the chaos that is going on. A society without war, a land without borders, in an economy without money.

Nothing comes without sacrifice and perfect does not come immediately, but gradually. The antiviral agent is already prepared, almost the entire population on earth will perish after the imminent 'natural' disasters. The gods who created the human race are already coming, and they will trigger themselves natural disasters.

What remains of the population will be part of a unified world without countries, speaking the same language and sharing the consumer goods more fairly.

As I said, this will not be yet a just and perfect society, because perfection demands evolution and evolution takes time. The government elite still will have privileges, exploitation still will exist, but there will be no more hunger and the average standard of living will be much higher than today.

Other steps will must be overcome, to finally reach a meritocratic society, totally fair and equitable, not without sacrifices, of course.

The beings of good and those who are on a mission in the third dimension in the figure of the beloved indigos and crystals, do not worry, a glorious future awaits, this cruel hell, unjust and dangerous, that became the three-dimensional Earth, is about to be over, through the transformation.

Do not fear the inevitable.

Fraternal embraces."