• Supplication for Gaia (Earth)

Oh Galaxy Federation Lords!

We are Fratres of Conscendo Sodalitas, we feel compelled to express our desires with the mental bodie, detailing what the causal pleads in its abstract purity. We need help, we pray for the help of the brothers to turn our beloved Gaia, Earth, in a clean aura place, expressing peace, art and love.

The material adepts have dominated completely all production and information systems on the planet. They have imposed a monetary system where the value is fictional, expressed as manipulable data on giant computers. They change at their will all this data, creating famine, war and terror. Even in peacetime, individuals are forced to work as slaves for this diabolical program, without any progress in their spiritual path, because there is no time to create, to love, to reflect, for art, for nothing ... there is just the constant stress of personal and familial helplessness, lack of assistance in sickness, a fear that stagnates completely the beings ...

The enlightened are few and beg for intervention. The handling of these dark leaders went so far as to introduce us in a false matrix, where everything is distorted, where our history is hidden from us; were our sacred right to truth has been denied to us for millennia, we become ignorant, unaware about the evolutionary mechanism ... blocked in our noblest powers to not have affected our servile attitude.

Most religions are primitive and infantile; promising the paradise to those who follow the rules of this unjust society. It is intended only to control and not to report; to keep us tied to material and not to spiritualize. The leaders of the main religious lines has dark souls and does not work for positive currents.

The energy used by our civilization is rudimentary, based on exhaustible and polluting substances. Brilliant inventors have discovered means of pure and boundless energy obtaining, but the material adepts, fearful of losing their grip on the captive humanity, have murdered them and destroyed their laboratories.

All of our inventors production, to the improvement of life of our population is immediately blocked and retained for the exclusive use of that evil ruling class.

Too much ignorance befell our people, Beloved. Most of us still wanders whether there is life on other worlds, when the logic and intuition would be sufficient to eliminate this unjustifiable doubt. Blame the world and media leadership that has scientists and more scientists denying this possibility. They use the morbid tactic to tell a lie a thousand times until it "becomes a truth." Our intuitive senses were largely blocked by the action of these beings.

These evil ones are organized in very powerful secret societies to decide Gaia destinations. They treat us like cattle, they do not have noble sentiments, acting like vampires, feeding on the blood of your slavery system.

Dear brothers, help us before it is too late, we do not ask material possessions, nor the privilege of lazy inaction; We beg for freedom, for the right to truth, to progress, for the security of feeding, for protection on the disease; we want a place where we can meditate, love, play, exercise our superior gifts. We want worthy the galactic brotherhood to which we belong. We want to make the aura of our orb shine.