World Groups

"I (name), swear and promise, on my own free will, and on my honor and my faith, in the presence of the Great Architect of the Universe, and before this assembly of Masons, solemnly and sincerely, never reveal any of the mysteries of Freemasonry I will be entrusted, except to a legitimate brother or in lodge regularly constituted; never write, record, print or use other means by which to release them. If I violate this oath, let my tongue be torned, and my throat cuted, my body buried in the sand of the sea, where the ebb and flow of waves I dive in perpetual oblivion, and was declared sacrilegious disgrace to God and to men, Amen "

Oath of the candidate for membership, pronounced during the Scottish Rite Freemasonry

When we refer to 'world groups', we mention those that actually influence policy at the global level, the great freemasonry of developed countries. The main 'Grand Lodges' are located in England, Scotland, United States, Germany and other European countries of the 'First World'.

The initial goals of the Masons, in the speculative phase, were gradually being misrepresented, as other opportunistic secret groups, with negative intentions, have joined its ranks. Illuminati members, the Committee of 300 and others secret groups orders realized the advantage to co-opt Masonic members to the their purposes.

Mainly for the Illuminati, Freemasonry was shown 'a made dish' for the expansion of its claws, since many members had power and prestige that could be useful for the realization of their purposes. Took advantage of divisions in degrees, adopted by the Masonic Lodges, and dominated the highest levels of Freemasonry, specifically the 31th to 33th degrees, making them restricted to members of notable economic, political or media influencies, and who shared the same ideas. The Illuminatis sought to disguise their wolf goals with an aura of goodness and pure intentions, leading the unwary lower degrees Masonic members, to shady paths. They arranged a practical way of inveigling the junior Masons, who are not or never will be able to assimilate their line of evil thoughts, causing them to perform immoral acts on the pretext that they are doing goodness.

In this context, some of these novices post themselves in favor of the false 'just wars', collaborating with the media or even voting in favor of these wars in their regional legislatures. Target chosen, the media comes to mock him and defame him and the economic power and / or military comes to complete the process.

In fact, very few are those who succeed to reach the last three degrees of Freemasonry, due it is necessary, besides being endowed with extreme power, be in accordance with the ideas of domination and extermination, proposed by the 'New World Order' and with the assertion that 'the purposes justify the means'.

At these high levels, are also practiced black magic rituals, of both kind, the elemental magic and tantric magic./p