Regional Groups

This category covers the less important masonic lodges. They are the absolute majority of masonic lodges in the world, especially those located in countries of the second and third worlds.

As they has little to contribute to achieving the goals of 'senior leaders', are rarely activated. Even those who hold the highest degrees of sub-stores are not aware of what goes on in summits of Masonic Lodges of developed countries.

Even so, these secondaries Masonic groups had their primary altruistic goals changed. Most Masons today are more concerned to extend their influence and/or get favors, when join the society.

In this context, professionals become Freemasons to increase clientele and politicians to win votes and influence. Who, in their right mind, would trust in the impartiality of a Mason Judge, in deciding a case involving a brother of the order.

The altruistic goals of the old meetings were transmuted into mere gathering of friends, where everyone aims to raise greater advantages. Rare are the cases where it does not.