Tipology - Introduction

Most star systems in the Milky Way is populated by material beings, situated in the third dimension. Distinct lines of evolution gave rise to a variety of body types.

One of the most common are the reptilians who are beings that evolved from reptiles, which form several groups throughout the galaxy, this group have the draconian giants, from Alpha-Draconis, the Annunaki, from Marduk, who supposedly created the breed human, from genetic experiments with material from 22 other breeds and even a Earth reptilian native race, which inhabiting underground cities. Generally the repitilian people are very proud and warlike.

The race of aliens more present in the human stereotyping is the grays. Its components have a great morphological variability. In time, we find grays of 1.20 meters, the short grays, up to 2.50 meters, the tall grays. In appearance, there are the classic types, widely publicized in the media, but we also find a huge variation, due to hybridization and genetic mixing that they arise. These action (hybridization) is very common for these people that reproduces themselves only by cloning. They derive from various places, especially the system of Zeta Reticuli and Orion and are generally subservient to the reptilian races.

The extraterrestrial humans are also very common and are the ones that sympathize with us. Some of them live among us without being able to notice any different physical characteristic. Generally try to help us, advising us to prioritize our moral improvement, while warn us about the evil influence exerted upon our race, for certain groups of reptilians and grays.