Conscendo Sodalitas

Aliens and the Earth's Hidden Government

The current Human Earth Government is no longer exercised by elected leaders, nor in the U.S. nor in any relevant first and second world countries.

Today, the Illuminati controls the most powerful entities of humanity, as the UN, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, Chatham House, among others. These organizations have been infiltrated or even created by Illuminati members, and became a facade for this group which seeks nothing less than world domination through the establishment of a set of ideas called 'New World Order'.

In sum, the presidents, ministers and high rank leaders of the globa important nations, are nothing but puppets, facade to a higher power, the demeaning Illuminati society. In the U.S. and major European and Asia countries, the really major positions are occupied by individuals linked to those societies.

The Illuminati used their influence, initially for their own benefit in order to expand their power on Earth. They used their economic power in order to enslave humanity that never see their efforts turn into benefits for their families. What matters to them is to keep the 'status quo', laboring for the no social mobility existance, so we could work 24 hours/day that we will never able to rise to another social level.

This climate of extreme selfishness and evil that reigns among the Illuminati members, created the perfect environment for something higher and more terrible infiltated between them, the evil alien societies of Grays and Reptilians.

Do the ritual of the inverted pentagram, call for Baphomet, and it will come, but can withstand the consequences ...

That's what happened, they called for her and she came.

As mentioned, the infinite universe, with all its endless possibilities, have civilizations that, despite the amazing technological advances, far superior to ours, are as bad or worse than us. This negative atmosphere, which was created by the Earth hidden government, has created an propitious environment to the influence of a rebellious part of Grays and Reptilians. From the Second World War, the U.S. government and major developed countries have signed agreements with these evil beings who for millennia infecting the nearby universe, soulless beings that does not have the slightest qualms in killing a living being, true psychopaths. When I say no soul, understand the statement literally, a considerable percentage of the Grays and Repitilians, through millennia of evil conduct, could turn off your mental bodies of the higher spiritual principles and are beings doomed to long term, but until there, they can destroy half the galaxy.

In reality, these agreements were more a conditional surrender, since we are much less capable in terms of war, it would be suicide face them in a war material. As said a benevolent alien, 'They have the power to take the Earth from its orbit. " Therefore, our government granted permission for them to live secretly among us, in hidden bases, carrying out cruel genetic experiments with abducted humans on this planet.

To understand the objectives of these beings, we must examine the galactic history, told by civilizations that have already been victims of the Grays and Reptilians.

levelts with a pleasant atmosphere and climate, propitious to the development of life on the third dimension, are rare in the galaxy. For beings who do not aspire nothing more than material life in the third dimension, Earth is a envied paradise. The destruction they cause with our wars, the continuing disregard for nature and our lives, increasingly based on materialism, gave rise to this negative environment, that upset benevolent extraterrestrials, that protect us, who finally left to our own karma. This climate has aroused the interest of a greedy people group (Grays and Reptilians).

The Reptilians are more practical and warriors and, as I have a genetic prime, have interest in our planet just as a habitat for their people. That would mean domination by force, enslavement or elimination of human population and subsequent colonization by beings of their race.

The Grays, according the galactic guides, have a lower quality genetic bodies, compared to humans, they do not have reproductive organs and multiply themselves by genectic cloning; they also have an inefficient digestive system, feeding by skin absorption. The strategy of the Grays, based on the history of Lyran, who have been their victims, the Gray's strategie is mind control, both of our leaders and the masses. Together, they begin a process of hybridization of the population, changing their genetic profile and finally, when the time comes, they dominate the planet, enslaving the human population and transforming the humanity in hybrid Tall Grays.

Hardly know what awaits them, these smug Illuminati.

Our only hope now, as Baphomet came, is to hope the help of our brothers in the galaxy, in order to change our mental attunement, to escape from this macabre domination.