Infrastructure and Human-Alien Bases - Introduction

Humanity is being controlled and brainwashed for decades by human, terraqueous like us, who consider themselves superior and the only ones with the right to hold the knowledge of the truth about the universe and the pulsating life that inhabits it. These humans are members of sectet societies and governments in several different first world countries, especially the U.S. and Europe, and proudly think they have the right to hold all the knowledge and destiny of our humanity, in a selfish and harmful way. The truth is that humanity is idiotized and dipped in ignorance, because of the attitude of these lords of evil.

We affirm repeatedly that these beings are evil with a negative evoltution line, because all these men have and manipulate, in material terms, was produced by the hard work of the people, which further to be enslaved, is placed at the ignorance, about the important facts that surround it. These 'pseudo-holders of wisdom and reason' further hiding the reality, without our permission, did something worse, secret war agreements on our behalf, with negative extraterrestrial beings of evolution, which puts at risk the survival and freedom of our race.

The distance of the true concepts about our universe became so great for the regular crowd, if these concepts were revealed at once, it would be transported to a world of dreams.

Forget the theories of Einstein, it is perfectly possible to travel through space at speeds greater than light. The universe and our galaxy throbs in life, even in this third dimension; we have civilizations on Sirius, the Pleiades, in Alpha Centauri, Orion, and many other star systems. The absence of life is the exception rather than the rule. Let us leave aside our pride because we are one of the most primitive races nearby, by the way, the Earth is known as the 'world of children'. Many of these civilizations from other worlds visit us regularly and some even live incognita in our midst, following the guidelines signed by their superiors.

Also make no mistake, the moral evolution does not always go hand in hand with scientific progress, although this is usual and, therefore, there are evil civilizations, holders of extreme technological knowledge. We must bear in mind that we are in the tiniest of levels, in the fields of material, the physical level of the third dimension, where all evil is possible. These negative extraterrestrial beings just do not destroy us or enslave us completely, for now, because they fear the reaction of people that are superior and protect us.

Not only there is life in space, we do not know but, right here, in our beloved planet, there are third dimension beings, who have superior scientific development, living in huge underground spaces. The underground spaces, rather than we could presume, offer more security for their inhabitants in relation of the planet surface, since they have a more stable climate without the extremes that we find up here. Are free from floods, droughts, hurricanes and other frequent causes of tragedies in our cities.

Several of these cities are connected by very longer inner earth tunnels that give way to magnetic trains that reach speeds several times higher than sound.

Hard to believe, for us who have been displaced from reality, through a relentless brainwashing, but there are very advanced beings, originating from evolution lines of almost all kinds of living beings. There are beings that evolved from insects (the Grays are one example), aquatic animals (one of the planet Sirius B), reptiles (the vast reptilian class is the most common in the galaxy), among others.

It is also necessary to warn about what was said previously. The governments of several countries have made agreements with extraterrestrial beings of negative evolution, ie, with certain varieties of grays and reptilians evil, these agreements which provide the receipt of advanced technologies, especially in war, in exchange to let these beings perform their genetic experiments with terraqueous humans, these experiments involve human rights abuses and, not infrequently, results in irreparable traumas and even the abductees death.

From what was said, we stress the urgency of spreading the truth, so we can act, even if only in a positive vibrational level, against ignorance imposed on us and against the iniquities perpetrated today, against our people.