New World Order

Capitalists or Communists?

Many fratres are surprised by the fact of the promoters movement of New World Order to be formed by sons of the wild capitalism. What logic is there, in these beings advocating a change to a communist system in the detriment of capitalism, that gave them so ammount of power.

The reason is they are tired of the permissiveness that capitalism offers. Capitalism, democracy and free media terms are linked. They are tired of living in a land full of inferior beings, gross and smelly, because that's how they think about the humanity. level, therefore, reduce the population to a minimum, only to that small surviving part, satisfy their interests, with slave labor.

In the capitalism still exists a free press. However much they buy and corrupt the largest media outlets, other independents always arise, causing them headaches. Conscendo is an example. This situation fatigue them more and more every day. 'It's like killing cockroaches, no matter what you do, they never end,' so they think.

Under capitalism there is also the middle class, which has always been numerous in the advanced countries and, until recently, consisted of more educated individuals with more developed critical sense and became a hindrance to the achievement of the NWO. By many measures, all who labor to the NWO are destroying the quality of this class, uninforming it, with a stupid, false, amoral and ethically deplorable media. Therefore, the global middle class, and especially the U.S., is becoming as little informed about things relevant to foreign countries and even on your own.

These elite groups have mastered the secret governments and societies, but still want more, want the forced unanimously. They want total and unrestricted planet government, without questions or hindrances. To make this possible, have devised a new stage of events.

What government, deployed in a country, is the most repressive on earth, where there are no press, freedom of movement, free opnion, the right to vote and where the opponents are simply eliminated? The answer to that question is the communism, also related to the fascism and to the Nazism.

Soviet communism, based on Marxist concepts, was the cornerstone of the NWO ideas.

Let us, from Conscendo, to be clear that we are not claiming in favor of capitalism, which we consider an unfair economic system, that generates inequality and social misery. We just do not want to change to a system even worse. Worse is little to say about the future of the planet under the domination of those true fans of the material. The world would take millennia to cure such evolutionary loss, if such repair could even be possible.