New World Order


To better understand this movement and the posture of the Conscendo members, nothing better than a simplification, a summarized description.

The New World Order is a movement made by the economic power controlling elite of the earth, which aims to raise the absolute control of all the planet, full and unrestricted world domination, and devised a agenda in which they propose a series of fascist acts.

They got their power in the capitalist economy, but chose communism as the ideal form of government, because in he communism all the opposition, which is still allowed in capitalism, is eliminated. Under communism, the only existing press is the official, the dissidents are summarily killed or sent to labor camps, the whistleblower is encouraged among the population, creating a general mistrust among the individuals of the mass and preventing the formation of 'conspirators' groups, etc.. We have had historical evidence in the past, about the truth of these statements.

We are totally against the implementation of the New World Order, for many reasons, but mainly for two:

• These elites are composed of 'evil' persons, true psychopaths without a soul. Enriched with the blood of others, in the economic crises and wars that they have caused and do not value human life. They are part of a caste, evolved from usury, and they judge themselves superior to the rest of humanity, which they consider a ignorant, servile and disposable mass. They want the total power for themselves and their descendants, in a hereditary form of government, without having to undergo any trial ethics, by the people who they rule.

• They are extremely averse to spiritualisation of mankind; they co-opted materialist Marxist ideas, as mentioned in the first Humanist Manifesto: "The next century can and should be the humanistic century ... we stand at the dawn of a new era ... a secular society, on a planetary scale .... As non-theists, we begin with humans, not God, with nature, not deity ... we deplore the division of humanity into nationalist soils .... since at we look at the development of a system of world law and of a world order, based on a transitional federal government .... The true revolution will be occurring. "