Conscendo Sodalitas

• Societies/Orders - Intro - 1/3

In a famous scene from the movie Matrix, a master asked the disciple if he really wanted to know the truth about life, even it was extremely painful, the pupil had two alternatives: if a blue pill was ingested, he would continue to live your life routine, in ignorance, but rather if he toke a red pill, the truth about her life would be revealed, but it would be painful and would change your destiny forever.

This Hollywood scene applies here and now. The question is to which group do you belong, Frater?

The truth is often hard to accept, but a thousand times preferable than a lifetime in the illusions of ignorance.

The Conscendo Sodalitas Fratres chose the red pill, seeking and finding the truth, even if it is painful. Look for it in order to defend themselves, to be masters of their destinies and not beings of an apathetic flock, nor controlled by any kind of power.

One of the most stunning things about life is the world is governed by sinister institutions, hidden, most influential and powerful than even the official governments of countries. Members of these institutions are not well-meaning and control, through their wills, the fate of the entire planet.

They manipulate the normal individual, the people, through movies, advertisements and suggestions, leading them to tread a path they (the people) think to chose, but rather, was dictated by the members of this "Hidden Government."