Chatham House

Who they are

"Here the rule of secrecy by the New World Order was made. Here again, foreign policy is determined for the entire Western world ... and people still believe that we live in a democracy!"

The Chatham House / Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) companies are actually thinking (business think-thanks) on foreign policy issues that affecting the interests of industrialists and financiers.

Not surprisingly, those czars who finance Chatham House, include all the prominent names associated with the ideas of the Illuminati and New World Order.

Founded in 1919, this very secret and highly influential group is the place where the famous Chatham House Rule originated, the rule of secrecy, later adopted by all other clubs in the New World Order and power groups, including the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission.

The Chatham House / RIIA was the forerunner of its American counterpart, the Council on Foreign Relations (Council on Foreign Relations - CFR). Even the formation of the CFR in 1921, in fact, the Chatham House / RIIA was a joint American / British club, boasting offices in London and the U.S.

It was just the need to make the maximum pressure on the U.S. State Department, and therefore the greatest influence on U.S. foreign policy, which has created an entity uniquely American, in the mold of the "Chatham House". Thus, the firm Chatham House / RIIA in America was closed and the CFR was born.

The birth of the CFR was purely a cosmetic maneuver. Even today, the Chatham House and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) are the same club. Among these strategies are decided Anglo-American foreign policy that, after the U.S. State Department and British Foreign and Commonwealth will try to accomplish.

Also exert great influence on British domestic politics and the U.S., in particular in order to manipulate the heads of the state favored, as Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Barack Obama...