Conscendo Sodalitas

• Religion, Good or Evil?

Karl Marx, a left hand magician, has proclaimed materialism to four points. It was an adherent of the idea that 'the results justifies the means' and, far from being a true atheist, he was only wanting the destruction of the religions, through the disbelief and hopelessness. Marx was an idealist of the 'New World Order', he has made the world worse and now inhabits the murky depths, with his disciples and followers.

Since the universe is dual, there is no absolute good, nor absolute evil, nor even the completely right or completely wrong. Every idea and every being is composed of dual substances and therefore is androgynous in its full composition, in any of its levels. Marx once said that the religions were 'the mankind opium'. This statement was not completely right, nor completely wrong, depends on the interpretation.

Many religions, if not nearly all, produce, with its infantile teachings, full of dubious interpretations, harmful side effects, which stimulate philosophical leisure, the spiritual ineptitude and the existential slumber...

At this point, yes, religions act as a drug for controlling the masses, holding a shackle humanity into its immutable daily routines, idealized by the modern neo-slavery rulers. Today earthly humanity is nothing than a servant mass, working for an evil and malicious elite and not even realize it. Living in a society created and shaped by malevolent controlling beings, who recruit his army of indentured laborers in an environment governed by ignorance and by the economic power.

Some religions have even been created to control the crowd, promising them heaven after a life of penury and toil without reward. The beings, wrestling by these doctrines, even fear losing their little place in paradise, when they dare to think of something that may differ from their dogmatic topics. Therefore, they accommodate with the life they lead and do not progress nor materially and nor especially spiritually.

In our dual universe, there is no absolutely perfect, nor absolutely imperfect. Therefore, religions are full of flaws, all of them, because they are ruled by imperfect beings. The interpretation of its principles should always be made with critical view because, otherwise, we incurre in the risk of losing precious time of progress.

Those who think that is enough just to be charitable, doing good things to the poor, even for life, without having assimilated a true internal change, in reality, are selfish that only want the spiritual rewards; they are nothing more than deluded, resembling the plenary indulgences buyers, from other ages.

The evolutionary step of mankind requires a new level of thought, no more internal falsehoods or self-deceptions. Doing good to the poor is quite easy, but analyze your actions and especially your thoughts about your equals, about your competitors, and even about your superiors and you will see that there is still a long path to course.

Offer the other cheek is not always correct, depends on the situation and as told us the same Master 'be kind as children and clever as snakes'.

Accommodation is the key to the collapse. Do not think you are "saved" because you follow your religious principles to the rule, remember that Jacob's ladder is infinite.

We are not advocating a religion relegation, but a critical position in relation to them, since they are ruled by fallible individuals. Accept what is good and constructive and reject the rest.

The bigger, better, and omni-wise Master, is with us, within us, our Monad, which is closely related to the Logos. She is our best adviser. We should seek within ourselves to find the way and the truth. Our Monadic Divine Principle resides in the splendid and inconceivable Anupadaka level, guiding us all the time, through intuition. Intuition is the greatest gift and should be improved with an unwavering will. It gets rid of malicious sects, stupid and infantile religions, fake teachers and opportunists.

Certain things, She whispers us all the time: the goodness is the way, all the good acts we do, return to us, bringing us friends, happiness, peace and harmony, and that life is really a passing phase, an illusion to be dominated, one millionth of a second in our infinite evolutionary journey, represented by Jacob's ladder, and every step gained, a divine feast is dedicated to us, encouraging us to continue fighting and rising.