Conscendo Sodalitas

• Disguised Evil

In these end of times we have to be careful.

The cited end of times refers to a profound change that occurs in the spiritual positioning of our humanity consciousness, an event that has become inevitable. The times of battles of this phase has ended and the epilogue of our internal war is reached, no more time for indecision, or we win or we accept the defeat.

It is a very strange time, where the values ​​acquired in the course of reborn cycles, seem to disappear amid the anarchy of primitive actions, wars, individualism, addiction to material and absence of ethical and moral principles. After all, we evolved something or not, during that period? The answer is yes to some and no to others. And to these stragglers, which made little progress, a last chance is given, that many are not taking advantage.

There are those who, moreover not follow the path that their monadic intuition suggests, labor to the contrary current, they are too wedded to materialism, the world of forms and senses and feel unhappy with the new unfold horizon. They are the perpetrators of the delay, the preponderance of the material and self-centeredness. They turn our society an unpleasant place, driven by illusory principles, that does not lead anywhere.

We do not see happiness, nor in our features nor in the next ones. Each day, everyone questions about the objective of the constant routine and so fruitless job. We live only to work and sleep in an endless cycle, only at the end, to generate new automata, our children, future unhappy adults, contributing to persist this questionable scheme.

Not even the sleep period, which should be restful for the body and fulled of constructive activity for the mind, rest us; due the stress of everyday life, we get repetitive dreams, related to daily mundane problems, which has the opposite effect, because they are based on social competition, fear of ourself and our family helplessness, apprehension from the enemy, which can hurt us, and so on.

They do not give us time to think about nobler things, on what really matters, in mind and spirit things.

There are those who are not succeed getting a employment in this unjust today society, and even them are stuffed with junk culture, cheap novels, idiot programs and false values, contained in a unhealthy marketing.

These are times of change, but are also times where the expression of our society defects emerges at its most extreme. The 'material lovers' perpetrates all kind of evil, disguising it with undeserved qualities, while they develop their levels in favor of the material at the expense of the spiritual, anti-progressive character levels.

Man was born to be happy, to improve their qualities, not to work tirelessly and selfishly, over all his life, chasing something that can never achieve. We are not stimulating leisure, work is dignified, but in the correct dosage and our labor must have altruistic purposes.

Unfortunately, today humanity is ruled by the 'density supporters' who are doing everything to keep us in this gross physical level. Tirelessly trying and achieving, until now, to obliterate our higher senses. They have invented this type of society governed by the gold, the currency and the money, only to enslave us day after day. Manipulating all the information that reaches us, instilling us the figure of the 'killer', who gets rich, 'succeed in life' and the 'loser', the one who had never succeed to get money, describing him as an unhappy and wretched being.

This kind of society makes the individual unconditionally aspire financial success, even to reach this he has to do evil acts. Evil, incidentally, is allowed in this context, it better to be a rich, with a not so clean curriculum, than a poor without blemish. He has no idea of ​​the karmic burden he is raising.

Density fans arm nations to the teeth, all of them, justifying to the West a fictitious Eastern fight against terrorism. On the other hand, in the east, they do the same, making them to have the same point of view of the West. In most cases, are themselves, the density fans, that cause the terror situations, the attacks, stimulating the clash between the two parties. The war is triply useful to these gentlemen, due the nations debt and further enslavement of the involved countries, which deliver their heritage and their freedom in exchange to the necessary weapons, 'usefully' reducing the population and generating more hatred and karma, connecting even more souls, participants of the combat, to the dense physical level, perpetuating this morbid environment of low vibrations.

They turn brutal lies into truths, maculate the universal code of ethics, corrupt the minds of the unwary, transmute the deaths of millions in simple statistics ...

We must to have in mind that these 'masters of the delay' are doomed and do everything in their power to give everyone the same destiny. Co-opt the souls like in the well-known demonic cliché.

This same group that created this today destructive and vicious society, is now levelning the final blow, the imleveltation of a single nation world, with the unification of all earthly homelands, in the Nazi mold, governed by themselves and using the humanity as a cringing slave mass, a movement which won adherents under the name of 'New World Order'.

The goal of the unification of nations might seem noble at first glance, if it was directed by angels, but let us not forget whom will govern will be those that encouraged the killing and wars, to nurture his interests of power: they are very powerful bankers and industrialists, which now holds the world control and are under the yoke of beings even more bestials.

I suggest to members to read the part that refers to the movement called 'New World Order', to prepare ourselves for the decisive moments, which we are already experiencing.