Conscendo Sodalitas

• Message for the end (or for the beginning).

Let us prepare, because the time has come.

Yes, the Great Destroyer of races and levelts is coming. planet X, Nibiru, Slo, Hercolobus, Marduk, Nemesis, as you like name it.

It is a brown dwarf star, with its retinue of satellite levelts, one or several of them inhabited by the Annunaki, a reptilian race of doubtful nature, with a so dense body like ours and who have already been here in various periods of our history. Every 3000 years or so, this huge celestial body with a very long orbit, cross the routes of our solar levelts.

The leaders of the Earth know about the coming event, because they have already detected the intruder with their instruments and calculate its route long ago. They do not warn the population to cause no panic, while they prepare themselves, using the available resources to save their lifes and the lifes from whom they find useful. The cited resources are those that we, your servants, have generated with our hard labor.

Some of the 'ignored', and who will be left behind, advise us to stockpile water and food, to look for caves and holes that could accommodate us for a long period. I ask, 'For What? '.

If our physical world is like that, where the crooks get away, where the opportunity worth more than the deserving, just leave it. Preferably the astral depths than this unfair level. Hell is here. Let us die, perhaps in other levels, we succeed justice, fellowship and ethics which we never found here.

To the materialists, who do not believe in life after death, still not worth hiding. Living like animals in a destroyed world, at the mercy of weather and environmental harm? Better get out of the game as men, clean and face up.

To the cowardly and cunning people who used the resources produced by our sweat, we just say 'Enjoy! but beware, you will remain at a level where flesh bleeds and hurts and know that there are other more powerful and evil crooks everywhere, throughout our galactic system. Take care, they could make to you the same what you did with the people who perished on those fateful days to come.'

Some cling to a fictitious rapture. An event in which benevolent beings from other star systems, come with their giant ships, to save us from the cataclysms, bringing all earth people to safe places. I say: forget it. There is no fleet enough for this feat because we have treated to reproduce ourselves, without limits or rules, like rabbits, overpopulating the planet. And even if there were, why do the benevolent extraterrestrials would try to rescue a population that has chosen amoral and materialistic leaders? Where could we be left? In their levelts, where probably we will pollute and degrade?