Conscendo planet

• Religion

(Described by an inhabitant of the future Earth)

As contradictory as it may seem, there are no religions on future Earth.

Religions in the old context, were used only for control of the masses and not as a means of improving the spiritual qualities of individuals.

The inhabitants of the future Earth know they are experiencing feelings in a matrix, prepared by a higher consciousness and that creative intelligence itself, is also contained in another matrix, prepared by a more higher, an infinite sequence.

This matrix was created in order to provide us with a realistic theatrical stage where we can evolve our understanding.

We free ourselves from the previous matrix, created by powerful negative consciousness, which was extremely restrictive, suppressing the reality; which forced us to expend great effort, through our intuitive senses, realizing the truth about the existence, that was flatly denied.

Thus the suffering that the previous matrix has caused us, it positively made us more intuitive beings, courageous and tough to the adversity, which contributed greatly to our progress on the path.

Regardless of the matrix to which we are bound, we are aware of our connection to the one Father, the Logos of the end of Jacob's ladder, and our duty to develop all our qualities, but also to the next, once we know to be integrated into a single 'universal family.'

We do not pray, because we are aware that, through our subtle interdimensional connection, our causal body automatically sends our desires to the creative Source.

In fact, we are averse to any religious college, because we know the truth and all knowledge resides in ourselves, which makes any doctrine useless for our purposes. also because the harmful role of past religions, which served only to deviate us from the right path and also as control mode on dumbed-down population.