Conscendo Sodalitas

• About Us

Conscendo Sodalitas is one of the few bastions, embedded in these end of times of extreme negativity, engaged truly and completely on the self-improvement, aligned strictly to the 'goodness' and to the purpose of freeing ourselves from the shackles of ignorance, which the brothers of opposite polarity had attach us, long time ago.

Conscendo is an anonymous society, not because we have something to hide, but because the reciprocal identification, in these times of war, originates counterproductive results and, many times, useless competitions, jealousies and other negative emotions, inherent to the current level of our civilization evolution.

'Never' a Conscendo Frater will ask for something material to another brotherhood, even for a charitable purpose; Conscendo Fratres do not identify themselves with the third dimension (the physical level). Our wealth, our greatest shield and our greatest weapon reside on intuition and on knowledge of the truth, which we strive to spread.

The propagated concepts about human origins, its goals and its environment are completely wrong. Not because the deductions were wrong, but because a minority of black soul hides the truth of humanity, intentionally crashing our development.

The good will, together with the action and knowledge is the freedom key. A complexity of emotions to be controlled and developed, ending in one supreme divine ideal, the existential Holy Grail: 'the truly and unconditionally Universal Love".

For those who want more details of our principles I suggest the reading of Our Principles

With sincere ascension desires,

Conscendo Sodalitas