Committee of 300


The Committee of 300 is one of the major governing world organs. It consists of many royal families and wealthy bankers. The Committee has developed from the East India Company, which had links with the "European Black Nobility." The upper part of the body that governs the Committee of 300 is known as the "Olympic", because they sit on Olympus as the Greek gods. The top of the Committee of 300 is occupied by Queen Elizabeth II, followed closely by Evelyn de Rothschild.

The main objective of the Committee of 300 is the establishment of a Communist New World Order, where the middle class will disappear, with there will be only rulers and servants. They want the complete control over the resources of the world and are heavily involved with eugenics and the creation of a "Master Race".

It is a highly secret society formed by the untouched ruling class, including the Queen of England, the Queen of Holland, the Queen of Denmark and most of the royal families of Europe. These aristocrats decided, when Queen Victoria died, about what they could to do, to get the absolute government of the world; they have concluded that should be necessary its members do "business" with the non-aristocratic, but extremely powerful, because of money power they hold, as the big bankers and owners of global mega-corporations. Thus, the door to full power were opened to the "common" as the Queen of England likes to call them.

The tops rulers from other countries refer to this omnipotent society as "The Mages". Stalin created his own phrase to describe them: "the dark forces", and President Eisenhower, who never got pass the level "hofjuden" (the Jewish of the Court) referred to them in a statement that, in any way, do not define exactly what they are. He said they was "military-industrial complex".

The Committee of 300 and the Illuminati confuse itselves, because of the equity of its components.