Conscendo Sodalitas

• Leaving Trance

Our humanity is being conditioned and manipulated for centuries, by dominant groups without scruples, who clearly believe that the Earth belongs to them and all people are here to serve them.

They surely believe in it and deliberately and cleverly work for perpetuate the plight of our society. Unfortunately, these lords of evil have been able to materialize their intentions. Enslaved population on earth with a system based on money and competition, and dumbed it, with a biased media, which belongs to them and only serves their selfish purposes.

Today, the household head was removed from the home and taken to work copiously throughout the day, losing valuable time that could be spent socializing with their loved ones, time which could be used in beneficial orientation, seeking a good moral ethics training of their beloved descendants. This is due to a media that reviews, at all times, the winner figure of the 'killer', who works as much as possible to raise more earnings. The housewife suffered the same pernicious media attack and instead of, at least in the infancy period, being present in the monitoring of their little children, to guide them, was also taken to work long periods, leaving their creation to others. Remains to the children, lying alone, being educated by the 'world' and by that unhealthy media. It was what the 'masters of the world' wanted, the weakening of the home, so they could co-opt our disadvantaged youngsters.

Our humanity is still young and does not deserve such injustice. The worst that happens to us is we do not know that the majority of us is hypnotized into a deep trance, caused by unimaginable tactics that these evil individuals have perpetrated against the humanity, using their midia tools.

With all the world's media apparatus, which belongs to them, they have been making a brainwash in our humanity, performing a technique used by the agencies of evil, led by our malicious elites called 'conditioning by slides'. This technique manipulates all information from newspaper, radio and television, causing people to reject completely certain issues. A simple reference to certain terms, causes the appearance of an involuntary mental sequence of slides that make the person to reject completely any critical debate about the subject in focus. It is a way to enhance the bias. Some words in this context are: UFO, spirit, ghost, secret, reincarnation, conspiracy, etc...

The first step to be taken for who wants to be deprogrammed, is to free the critical sense. Do not accept everything that is imposed by the media without analyzing the content first. Scrutinize all before and, using the intuition, deduce if that thing is directed for good or for evil. The good is what benefits everyone, the evil is that which benefits only a few. The good is what spiritualizes, that makes us think about helping others, evil is what individualizes us, that puts us in a defensive atidude against the other people, which makes us misanthropes. Good is selflessness, evil is selfishness.

Even here, a review is welcome. The last paragraph may seems childishly. We do not advocate an altruistic servitude, where our individual qualities vanish. In this case, we would be serving the purpose of the 'lords of the material', since we would be part of their silent and apathetic flock. Altruism is, for example, to clarify those that remain in the darkness of this conditioning. It is to fight against these rules, which the evil is holding us today. We are not urging to abandon everything and live like a social outcast. But we want the awakening of a small internal revolt, to lead us all to aspire a fairer society, not based on competition for money, without wars, without corruption, hunger, where efforts are focused on health and not on death, whithout distrust against others, where we can be nicer, where our children could live in security, where we could be happier ...

Today, while one society dies by the excesses, another perishes by the lackes. This wickedness is deliberated.

Dear fratres, wake up to reality, even if the truth has a taste of gall. It is necessary that we stop hiding our heads, as do ostriches. Only then we can make our world better.