The Conscendo Frater

• Introduction

The Conscendo Frater is not easily identifiable in our society, since discretion is one of his greatest attributes.

He lives in a hellish world, because that's how the world of the third dimension is called today, but do not despair himself and makes levels to alleviate this situation. Sometimes he wanders, detach himself from the material world, and his eyes show that their tune now is shifted to other parts, more subtle, where evil thoughts no longer reach him and where proximity to the Monadic Essence is maximized. In this state, he discovers amazing things in favor of goodness, and charge himself of encouragement to continue the journey.

He is smart, and uses this quality in his favor and in favor of the others brothers. He knows that all evil perpetrated generates negative karma, which returns to him, bringing a series of misadventures, so he avoids it at all costs. Even in dramatic situations of personal or collective tragedies, of intense stress, isolation, because the rest of society does not understand him, he avoids any solution that pass through materialism areas, even if it is tempting, because with his knowledge, he knows the arising consequences.

While most around him embark on the paths of negative practices, because the way could seems most convenient and easy, the Conscendo Frater never does. He has chosen the goodness as a flag and even in extreme instances, where the discouragement makes him thinking that evil is achieving victory, he does not abandon his line, he relies on his intuition, that comes within the soul, and that advise him to aspire a better world, where we will be all one family of friends, without suspicion, without wars, without corruption, hunger, with no early deaths, after all, where we are happy.

"The Conscendo Frater does not 'sell your soul' for anything in the universe."

He perceives he knows things that most of humanity ignores, but does not belittle others and recognizes that the offenses he receives is due to ignorance and unpreparedness. He knows that the abyss is unfolding for those who was holded by the pride. By the way, this is a cardinal sin, one of the most treacherous and has already led angels to ruin.

One of the situations that sadden the Conscendo Frater is the isolation. As already mentioned, today's society, wedded to materialism, does not understand him, and then segregate him. The 'Conscendo Brothers' values are different from most of our society and this fact generates prejudice. He knows that our society is extremely painful, as has been manipulated by our not theists elites for a long time, elites who claim to be humanists, and do not respect human life. These gentlemen have ‚Äč‚Äčinstilled false values in our midst, materialistic values, which resulted in an aimless life, filled with misfortunes, a life of eternal rush and deprivation. Our Fratres aware that is no fault of our brother, tortured by the current fruitless routine, acting as a component of an apathetic flock, halter, towards to the slaughter.

The Conscendo Frater, despite knowing more truths than others, do not try to impose their point of view, he expects the auspicious occasion, waiting his friend to be ready and, only then, offer the specific clarifications. Realize that any precipitate attempt, may results in disgust or sadness.

Prejudice is a terrible evil, and our 'Conscendo Brother' is aware of it. Never judge anyone, because he knows that Jacob's ladder is infinite and the evolutionary step that he is positioned, is topped by endless others. On the other hand, is averse to univesal negative current, and criticizes the material attachment and the spiritual and ethical insensitivity, which encompassed our government, vehemently rejecting the fate imputed to us by individuals who do not have right to do it. The earthly humanity is still young and does not deserve to evolve through painful, since there are softer forms. It is the difference between growing in a good family and in a completely inappropriate family. We are the children on our planet, created by dysfunctional parents, in the figure of our rulers.

Finally, Conscendo Frater takes good care of your physical vehicle and not become intoxicated with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or even with the material and immaterial poisons contained in animal meat. The physical body is the instrument of action in the third dimension, destroy or poison it also generates huge karmic burden.