Conscendo Sodalitas

• Conspiracy of Goodness

Evil is extremely active in the third dimension, the physical level.

He is smart and spend ages in their machinations and strategies to infiltrate the worlds, hoping to keep them anchored to materialism, disrupting all of spiritual inspiration.

He Infiltrates the high echelons of a sphere ruling group, turning them his servants. Handles, secondly, the media apparatus and uses it to instill reactionary ideas of material attachment, selfishness winner, and transform all that is wrong, in a goal to be achieved. The corrupt and wealthy politician is an idol and has high social status, the ambitious industrial, unscrupulous and rich, so does is, the moneylender banker, which turns the populace into forever slaves, and so on. Evil is patient and waiting for the downfall of his victims.

He is adept to the statement that says 'the purpose justifies the means' and if, to achieve their goals quickly, should necessary the extinction of millions or billions, so be it. For him, life is disposable and that fact is nothing more than simple statistics.

Actively has penetrated the Earth's ruling elite, which today is subject to their excesses (see ufognosis). An elite that was already clumsy and did not express, in any way, the feelings and wishes of the majority of the earth population.

An important question comes to mind of the perceptive historian: 'where was the goodness to prevent such tragedies?'

This question has already been made to evolved earthly beings and even to evolved people from other globes and the answer was always the same: 'we can not interfere with the free will of a planet, the population must, by itself, choose the correct goodness path'.

Another question immediately comes: 'Come on, what a unfair universe, the goodness can not interfere in a planetary sphere, due the free will, but the evil already did it, then only the evil can do it?

We, Conscendo Sodalitas Fratres, do not accept such excuses, from our evolved brothers. The earthly humanity is still young and does not deserve such an interference, of beings elderly and timelessly rooted in evil, holders of extremely advanced technology, that want enslave us, destroying our culture and ourselves, as a race.

We categorically reject the statement that 'the purpose justifies the means', and we think it is just a childish excuse for the abominations that the evil perpetrate in order to achieve their immediate intentions. But we also condemn the goodness that only observe, that stands inert in opposite of the situations of suffering, and justifies this posture with questionable phrases, 'we must respect their free will' or 'they are not ready for our intervention.' Sounds like sadism, or as cowardice.

Yes, it may be late to the Earth, which will have much of its population decimated, which has already your media-dominated and your government infiltrated by the evil. An intervention could now result in a war of worlds.

But if the evil crept us in at the very beginning of our technological leap forward, of our media advancement, why the goodness did not before this situation? Why did not the goodness recruit our top enlisted rulers, teaching them the virtues of honesty, why did not they take care of our media, to teach us the warmth, minimizing the importance of money, to instill in us the true values, compassion, the relevance of altruistic, calm, to fight against all forms of addiction and the frenzied outbursts of lust. But our media was dominated by materialistic and does just the opposite: our population has been hypnotized and dominated by false purposes...

The universe is fair and is role of galactic civilizations choose their own evolution mode, they can choose the path of suffering or the soft form of understanding and wisdom. But, in our point of view, is the responsibility of the earliest civilizations, to guide the younger ones to the right path, avoiding the interference of evil, as it did on Earth. We are a family, then it is up to older siblings prevent younger to stay at the mercy of bad influences.

We do not want to judge any of our older fratres, because there are to many possible reasons which could make the events unfold that way, at the point of leaving terrestrial humanity on their behalf, under the yoke of evil beings, extremely powerful. We even do not know if our heavenly family members tried to intervene and failed. But we do not want that happens again with any other member of our universal clan.

We, Conscendo Sodalitas Fratres, are members of 'Gandhi Intentions' a Conspiracy of Goodness.

Always, always and always we will use only the goodness as a weapon. We will arrive before the malevolent and we will infiltrate the orbs societies, where our younger brothers live, in order to protect them. Teaching them that corruption is genocide, is to take the bread of little children, killing them by many diseases, is to steal the study and hope of young people, turning them into marginals, killing them in a even more cruel way.

We will take care of their media, and will use it to educate our younger brothers, encouraging friendliness, honesty and altruism, teaching them about faithful sex, strengthening the family and battling against addictions. The fixation of these values ​​will be so strong and will generate such happiness and such benefic results, that our younger siblings will be protected from any outside evil influence. When evil comes, will come later, they will not have space, because the population will already be fully immunized against him.