Conscendo Sodalitas

• Anti-Christic Relativity

The Divine Matrix is ​​governed by different means and penetrates into the incomprehensible ways that surpass our ethical and moral analyze.

The Divine Regents do not face suffering, death and other adverse events as we do. For Them, if the total destruction of the population of a planet is needed, as a last resort to contain a negative social cycle, this is done without the slightest hesitation. We have examples of these interventions, on a smaller scale, in our own history, when the black magic has encompassed irretrievably the Lemurian and Atlantean extinct populations, or when uncontrolled lust took over Sodom, Gomorrah and Pompeii.

Often we hear about the coming of an antichrist, who will bring disasters to the planet, like we never seen before. A being with a black soul, with great ability to command the masses, who will pass himself to a savior lamb but instead, will bring war, destruction and suffering.

These predictions cause icy shivers of fear in all the population on earth. These fears are justified. A person who has nothing to duty, has nothing to fear; but what happens is that all our earthly society, currently encompasses a large planetary karma, because of the acts it insists practicing.

Who is the real antichrist? Who does participate in endless wars and massacres, everywhere on the planet? Who is irreparably destroying the flora and fauna of our beloved home Earth? Who is polluting continuously and methodically the rivers, sea, air, earth, and does nothing to stop it? Who is going to the temples in a trance, praising his Lord, to praise, minutes later, the master of the material, practicing atrocities in favor of cash dividends? Who has committed the absurdity of killing in the name of his religion and his God? With such an abundance of comestible vegetables, who still creates helpless animals and then slays and devour them, without mercy? Who elects the evil lords who, rather than labor for the development of the country, indulge themselves with the work of others, spreading material and mental poverty for those who are not part of your small group? Who does envy those gentlemen of corruption and does everything to also arrange a post in this circle of scam?

Our population itself has incorporated the antichristcs principles and commits the paradox of fearing a leading governed by the same parameters.

A being from another planet would interpret the appearance of this powerful negative being, the Antichrist, as a boon to the earth orb. A beneficent cleaning, which would allow people more able and sensible to enjoy the rare environment that our planet offers, now cleaned up, to continue their life cycle.

We do not ever want that happens. What we want is an awakening to the true values, which seem to have disappeared in the midst of extreme individuality, selfishness, greed, and disregard of current competition. We are here to evolve, and evolution means changing our lifestyle, means selflessness, love, warmth, patience and detachment from the material things.

Remember, the antichrist only find opportunity for his manifestation in societies that vibrate with him.