Conscendo Sodalitas

The Unknown History - Introduction

Dear Frater, it is time to swallow the red pill of truth, that will reveal the reality about our material and immaterial universe. The truth is more bitter than sweet, and most of the pillars that supported your view of life will collapse. Use your monadic intuition to analyze what is said here and you will lead to the right path.

As a crucial stage of humanity has come, the higher spirituality, earthly physical and ethereal phalanges, kind extraterrestrial civilizations, moved by compassion, decided to intervene in the brainwash process of our population, did by the Illuminati and related malignant societies, bringing a little light about our history.

One thing that surprises us at the outset, is that our universe is hiperpopulated by civilizations of both types, hostile and kind, with a very advanced technological knowledge. Several wars have been fought between worlds where, not once, not twice but several times, whole evolved levelts, along with their populations, were completely disintegrated. Scientific and moral development are totally independent things.

The third dimension, in which most of us are focused, is a hostile terrain, where the clash between two opposing forces always will be present, until Brahma dissolves it, with His divine inspiration. Good and evil, pain and joy, fear and courage, will always be features of the gross physical level.

What is intriguing about the existence, in our universal field, and easily deductible by the mind, is that the expression requires double manifestation. The light needs darkness to manifest, one needs zero, good needs evil, and so on.

Our universe is nothing but a stage, subject to cyclical variations, where endless dramas are staged. In the scenic clash between two polarizations, the souls develop themselves, assimilating and integrating their experiences. The aim of this celestial game, is nothing more than give rise to new creative forces, omnipotent, new 'Grand Masters' which will build brand new and distinct universal arenas.

This way, Magnanimous Beings have created our universe. Between the various 'modes of evolution', 'Assimilation of Opposites' was chosen, ledding us to this reality.