Conscendo Sodalitas

The Unknown History - The Beginning

Our universe is a part of a system of infinite other, each running on its own rules, and ruled by different evolutionary methods.

As already mentioned, at the beginning, Magnanimous Beings of inconceivable development, from multiple evolutionary chains, of several other universes, decided to create a new stage, purposing the enlightenment af a myriad of new beings.

Thus began the current Manvantaric period.

Many periods herein refer to several hundred million years, which we have not ventured to define, because of the high possibility of error.

Early civilizations are not manifested directly in the physical level, there is a period of monadic shrouded in which they will getting material from the intuitional, buddhic, mental, astral, and finally the physical levels. This period lasts millions of years. As there are physical levelts, there are other invisible to our physical sight, consisting only astral or mental material and others still most subtle, and so on.

Beings of high evolution, people of higher dimensions of consciousness, have shown us that physical human civilization originated in the Lyra constellation, especially on levelts around Vega, the main star. The human race was not one of the primeval races of the galaxy and appears to have originated from genetic manipulation of a unique species of feline type, which was part of the highly evolved group of engineers who built the Sidereal galaxy.

When referring to the physical appearance of the human race, or any other, it does not happen suddenly, the result of human genetic changes is consequence of a long time-consuming animal evolution. Exceptions are made for those who come from previous developments, from other universes, who settled here in order to complete them.

Specify an exact date for these events is too risky because the relative time and other factors, that greatly affect dimensional demarcation, but it can be said that this occurred billions of years ago.

In these old times, we know then that human civilizations have evolved enough to build large spacecrafts, doing trips to other star systems and colonizing several of them.

Concomitant with the human colonization of Lyra, another civilization also emerged in the Orion constellation, consisting of reptilian looking beings, who were not also a primary race because they were created from genetic modifications of original winged individuals, also originated from the group of Sidereal Engineers, the creators of the galaxy.

Human race in Lyra and Orion reptilian race had and still have marked differences in their personalities. Both had colonial and expansionist instincts, but while human lyrians colonized other worlds with the intention of peaceful coexistence with neighboring non-human civilizations, the reptilians from Orion goals were more dominant, to submit other colonies of the galaxy, making them subservient slaves.

For reasons that date back the origin of their kind, the reptilians consider themselves as the natural owners of all the orbs, they think they are superior to other races and they usually has superior technology, since they have ships and weapons with a incredible physical power. They are very materialistic and ruthless warriors, and are very proud of that. Millions and millions of years of evolution were not enough to dispel these pride individualistic ideas of the reptilians.

Humans are the evolutionary counterpart in this universe. They give more value to the intellectual and spiritual aspects, concerning their existence. In the course of their lives, are more likely to position themselves for the positive aspects of creation, because they know about the harmony and happiness offered by the goodness.

When referring to these two races, we're doing in general tone, not absolute, since there were and still there are extremely bellicose human civilizations and reptilian populations adept of the concept of universal love.

Back in the old days of Lyra and Orion, we note that the society of both races was divided into remarkable castes. There were royalty, priests, warriors and workers.

Then there was a disagreement between the two royal houses, the human and reptilian, involving disputes about the territorial expansion of each one, which resulted in a major war between the two parties, a nuclear disaster, ending with the destruction of all Lyra human civilizations.

Many lirians was succeed to escape before the total destruction and, with their gigantic ships, went to several other star systems. Fled to Sirius, Procyon, Andromeda, and even for some orbs of Rigel in the constellation Orion, the reptilian home system, among many others.