Conscendo Sodalitas

The Unknown History - Opposites Assimilation

Assimilation of Opposites means understanding the universal polarization. In our universe, the way of development chosen by the Magnanimous Sidereal Engineers is called 'Assimilation of Opposites', which means that we are here to understand the contrary, light and shadow. Only then we will develop the creative power of our life.

Light can be described as love, joy, happiness and all the emotions connected with our higher chakras. The shadow can be described as fear, anger, guilt, shame and all the emotions connected with our lower chakras.

The light represents joy, happiness and bliss. The shadow represents the lesson and challenge. The emotional and physical pain, fear and anger are feelings that we should assimilate, as part of this lesson.

Compassion is the goal of 'evolutionary game'. It is the integration point, the midpoint between the two opposites. Real evolution is one in which the soul reaches true compassion, who feels the acceptance of both sides, without judging them inherently good or bad. At this stage, the soul sees value in both Light and Darkness, assimilating them and understanding them.

Every soul in this universe is playing the 'Opposites Assimilation Game', in order to achieve spiritual evolution and future union with the Divine Creator, the Source.

A major challenge in this game is to discover the importance of shade. She is a school and their classes are made up of lessons to be learned in order to achieve a balance within ourselves.

The other major challenge to be overcome is the belief that we must stay indefinitely in the light. The light is like a vacation spot on a tropical island. It is an escape from the stress and strain of the demands that offers spiritual growth. Were never meant to stay only in the light because it would be unipolarize.

Polarization to the light or to the shadow stagnates spiritual growth, but also reduces or eliminates the ability to procreate, since the emotional component of physical form is partially turned off.

In order to achieve our goal, in the long evolutionary journey, all of us have roles on shadow and light teams.. Otherwise, we could not achieve the integration, because we would not have the experience with these opposites.

At this point, it is timely to make an exlevelation, in order to avoid misunderstandings. Any excessive polarization leads to stagnation, to the non-existance. The creative power, which is provided to us, and which we have a duty to develop, only develops in binarization. It is impossible to create something from 'one', as it is impossible the existence of light without darkness. We, further creative powers, we will only achieve our goals, developing our binary concepts.

That does not mean we should, at a time, behave like saints, at other time transform ourselves into devils. What we mean is the path is the goodness and the evil must be understood. We should not live happily in an isolated evolved world, without an effective role in the suffering brothers orbs. Compassion brings us out of spiritual slumber and takes us to deep pools, to emerge victorious and sapient.

And, from the development of compassion, we discover the truth of all existence, a single complete emotion that sums up all the purpose of creation, love.