Conscendo Sodalitas

The Unknown History - The Annunaki

It is imperative, before talking about the origin of earthling humans, discuss the history of the Annunaki, a people of mixed origin, both human and reptilian, inhabitants of a ship-planet, called Nibiru (Note: Nibiru is also known as Nemesis, Marduk , Hercobolus, planet X, etc.)..

After the great war between the inhabitants of Sirius and Orion, the disputes continued, and in order to establish a more peaceful relationship between the two civilizations, it was decided that there would be a union between the two royal houses, the human and reptilian. Sirius gave the masculine being and Orion the feminine. The result of this union had a unique genetic, and spawned a new race, the Nephilim or Annunaki. This people, was granted a planet orbit-long ship, named Nibiru. It has four times the diameter of our Earth and its orbit extends from the Sirius system to our own solar system, through which runs every 3600 years. Its inhabitants settled in Underground Nibiru and there developed an extremely advanced civilization.

Before we proceed, a clarification about the meaning of a ship-planet. The advanced civilizations in our galaxy, both human and reptilian have developed huge thoughtless mother ships. Some have extensions of several hundred kilometers. These cultures have taken leveltoids or even larger levelts, modifying it and producing an artificial atmosphere, suitable for their body type, and take shelter, preferably inside, underground, where they are trimmed of most external harmful weather and cosmic radiation. Some of these levelts are self-propelled crafts, and therefore do not have a fixed orbit, moving freely through the various star systems. Small ships that regularly visit us here on Earth, are only small exploratory devices.

At one point, a catastrophe with a origin not very enlightened, encompassed Nibiru. Some say the planet's atmosphere has been destroyed or contaminated, after the involvement of its people in a nuclear war. We only know that after this event, the Nibiruans, after extensive research in order to save his home planet, came to the conclusion that they should spray large quantities of micronized gold dust, in their contaminated atmosphere of the planet, in order to reduce the effects of radiation.

It was this need that brought the Annunaki to earth, some hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Earth was and is rich in gold.

The Annunaki, led by King Anu and with the help of the royal princes Enki and Enlil, have established several mining colonies in many parts of the world, the Middle East, South Africa, in the Andes of Peru, among others. At that time men lived here, as grotesque animal-men, resulting from natural evolution and from earlier alien genetic interventions, made by other people, who had been here already.