Conscendo Sodalitas

Unknown History - Origin of Earthling Humans

Several alien races have inhabited the earth in ancient times. There was even a time when the Earth was divided among reptilian, arcturians, grays and humans. They all lived here, reserching and then left us, because of various reasons, including because of the endless wars.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Annunaki arrived here in order to get the gold they need. Several mining colonies were established in many regions of the world, and the main ones were set in South Africa, Mesopotamia and Andean Regions. The miners were composed of the Annunaki working class which, over time, revolted with the hard work they were subjected.

The leaders then thought using Earth native workers, but was impossible due to the primitive Terrans state, still apelike. It was then assigned to one of the crown princes, Enki, a master geneticist, the task of producing a race of workers, smart enough to obey their orders and do the work of mining.

Enki then proceeded, over a long period, the modifications and genetic admixture, involving the DNA of humans, native animals and Annunaki, as well as the many other human races, from almost all the star systems. This involved approximately a mixture of genetic material from 30 breeds of various star systems in our galaxy.

The result was the Cro-Magnon and later Homo sapiens. Early experiments led to infertile hybrids, which burdened a lot, in terms of effort, the production of human cloning in the laboratory. Made, then the auto workers procreation possible, dividing the new race into two sexes, the first being called Adamo, by the Annunaki.

That's what we are, a slave race, produced in order to meet the manpower needs of the Annunaki, and Enki and was our 'creator'. The genesis of the Old Testament, tells the story of this beginning of the human race on Earth.

We have genetic, both human and reptilian, but we are more similar to humans from the Pleiades.

When they got all the gold they needed, the Annunaki left early humans to their own, leaving some beings with 'purer Annunaki DNA' to lead them. The Egyptian dynasties were formed by direct descendants of the Annunaki and therefore possessed the occipital strangely elongated head. It is not pointless the fact of the pyramids mimic the stars of Orion cosnstellation, called Mintaka,Alnitak and Alnilan and possess tunnels that point directly to the constellation of Sirius.

The Annunaki still consider themselves our lords and masters of the planet Earth.

The new passage of Nibiru, through our solar system, will happen this early millennium, a fact that will cause major changes in our civilization.