Conscendo Sodalitas

• Philosophical Bases

Conscendo Sodalitas has its philosophy based on monadic intuition, in hermeticism deductions and in a medley of information, collected from several lines of esoteric thought.

The Eastern schools of thought are far ahead of Western, mostly still crawling, denying even the basic belief in reincarnation, believing in the simplistic existence of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

Our texts contain Theosophical, Gnostic, Hindu, Buddhist and Tantric White Magic quotes, among others.

We emphasize that the terms 'white' has no racial connotation, and can only mean positive, in line with goodness, the opposite of darkness and would be replaced by the words 'light' or 'enlightened' to avoid such mistakes, but as these doctrines make frequently use of these terms, only a change by Conscendo Sodalitas could cause some confusion.