• Rising

For thousands years, very important and essential truths are being hidden from mankind. A suffering humanity, conditioned and hypnotized by the false values, deployed by the leaders of our three-dimensional Earth.

Our population deserve these late exlevelations, to be released from the ignorance fetters. The fratres of Conscendo Sodalitas must be aware of these truths, hidden behind the shadows, created by the material fans, that govern us today, to help those who cry out for answers, so long denied.

The stress, suffering, anguish and depression have become an integral part of the whole society routine. This is due to the ignorance of experiential objectives, caused by deliberate concealment of our divine nature, which must be emerged with the study of the Universal Logoic Logic.

Altruism has been suplevelted by selfishness, friendship by distrust, cordiality by unfair competition, honesty by corruption, sweetness by brutality, love by hatred, the spirit by the material ...

Our young earth family deserves best guides, best leaders instead those that govern us. We have similarities with small trees, in their growing period, wich should be better positioned and oriented, before their branches remain permanently tortuous.

We need more time for mind and spirit. We were not born to this today's slavery that our society offers. We were born to evolve and not to work as slaves for humans parasites that suck just for you, our whole work production.

Laziness is a poison, but so is the uninterrupted toil.

For our true liberation, is necessary an effective and irrevocable internal change by combining good faith, knowledge and action.

The topics beside, guide and clarify the beloved fratres, to free ourselves from this vicious routine and to stop our suffering cycles.